Monday, June 8, 2015

Leicester Book Festival

I should have posted this a week ago because the festival started at the weekend,  but the great thing about the Leicester Book festival is that it's spread over roughly a month. It's masterminded by the brilliant people at the Kibworth bookshop (which is a gem of a place) and is a loose collection of events that take place between the city and the village of Kibworth. It's a great way to do it, much less demanding than an intensive weekend of bookish action, but still plenty for everyone to enjoy. I will unfortunately be on holiday when the Pushkin Press evening is on (I'm really very sorry to be missing this one).

Anyway, for anyone Leicestershire or Midlands based it's worth having a look at what's on and joining in - there's a link to their page Here .

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  1. Enjoy the festival! The month long ones are the best. If only I lived nearer.