Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Mystery

Though perhaps not a very mysterious one. I got my copy of 'Testament of Youth' off the shelf last night. It's a book that I bought new, many years ago and still haven't got round to reading. Inside was a picture, all it says on the back is Christmas 2004 and I have absolutely no idea who these people are. Does anybody recognise this picture? Also, huge apologies if it's anyone I should know well, like family or dearest friends...


  1. Well, the middle one is Santa Claus.

    Another mystery is why you haven't yet read this wonderful book. Now is the time. Perfect for Rembrance Day reading, and in the centenary year of the start of WWI. Do, please, read it.

  2. oops... Remembrance Day.

  3. I will read it one day, maybe in the spring. For now I want books that will cheer me up and I'm not sure this would...