Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Cake

I'm actually quite proud of this cake (although that may change when we actually try eating it, I mean it should be good seeing as I followed the recipe and all but you never know until you cut a slice do you) and am relieved it's turned out pretty enough to share, especially after the lack of faith both my mother and the scottish one displayed when I described what I wanted to do. They admit they were wrong now, though it's sadly not often that my 'artistic' vision works out the way I pictured it so they had some cause for doubt. This time though it's worked and because the chance to decorate it was the whole reason to bake the cake I feel as smug as a cat that's not only got the cream, but the sweet spot on a cushion by a fire.

It's fair to say that the cake itself is a little lumpy and uneven (rustic?) which might not have been as noticeable if I'd managed not to roll the marzipan quite so thin (but it leaves me with enough to bake into something else so that's okay). The ready roll icing was new to me as well and much softer than I expected so it's full of little dents and what not which are now artfully covered by ribbon. After that I spent quite some time looking for an appropriate picture of a stag (google stag and it's not just deer that you get) made a stencil, practised on a piece of paper (an example of forethought which is quite un-typical) and then proceeded to sprinkle edible glitter over the cake, myself, the work-surfaces, and the floor, which means soon it will be everywhere which is at least festive.  


  1. That is lovely.

    I must confess that i haven't made my own Christmas cake since the first time I tried in the aga. After the prescribed 4 hours the cake was raw. I went to be and left it and there was little progress the next morning. Half an hour in the roasting oven left it scorched, and then I threw in the towel.

    These days I buy the cake, but I do the almond paste and icing, though nothing as lovely as yours.

  2. Lovely. I alweays make a Christmas cake but don't ice it, just put whole almonds on top before it's baked. I'm a bit frightened of marzipan!

  3. OK, so I feel compelled to grovel and offer my sincere apologies for any insinuated lack of faith that is now such public knowledge It was a momentary lapse of motherly belief at the end of a long and harrowing week. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! You truly can have your cake and eat it!! Mum xxx

  4. As I said on facebook that is a seriously impressive cake!

  5. I am in awe!

    My cake is still looking like a castelly brown poo as I am lazy and don't care for the icing anyway. In any case, anything I tried to do now would just be shaming in comparison with your cake.

    I am glad to see your mother is doing the right thing and grovelling.

  6. Thank you Sherry.

    Fleur Fisher, I'm not sure about the cake underneath - it got a bit toasty on the top so I sliced that off (very unevenly) The decorating was quite easy and very satisfying (the hardest bit was definitely the marzipan and rolling out the icing)so unless the cake is awful I will do this again.

    Lyn, I bet it looks great though. I just really fancied decorating something.

  7. Mum, feeling quite guilty now - but pleased I've inherited your artistic talents.

    Thanks Verity and Elaine :)

    Helen - I feel really bad about outing mu mother - don't rub it in. My cake looked a lot like yours before I smothered it in glitter so here's hoping both of them taste great.

  8. oh wow - this is really something - I love it and may need to blatantly steal the stencil idea for my second cake for this season which I'll probably be icing next week!

  9. Anna - go for it, and can't wait to see the picture of the next cake, first one was stunning.

    Vintage reading - thank you :)