Thursday, May 5, 2011

Off on Holiday

I should be packing but there’s a fascinating programme about lighthouses on which is much more attractive than finding clean clothes or attempting to fix the mysterious leak that has suddenly developed under the kitchen sink, the Scottish one who is staying behind has promised to come round and fix it in my absence if it looks like it’s going to be a problem – sometimes people say just exactly what you most want to hear. Fingers crossed his good offices won’t be required, I waved a spanner (or possibly a wrench, I can’t tell the difference) at the offending pipe work and the drip seems to have stopped for now.

Meanwhile I should choose my holiday reading as well (I’m told it’s inappropriate to pack more books than underwear) but there are such a lot of books I want to read NOW that getting the balance right will be a challenge – and I’m still watching lighthouses...


  1. Have a great holiday! I spy some beautiful new Mary Stewarts... that should make great holiday reading :-)

  2. The Mary Stewart's didn't make it but I have got plenty to read. Holiday is lovely (but windy) so far. Being up north is like going back a season it's just the start of spring here rather than early summer as it is England. I guess it's nothing like the change between England and South Africa...

  3. Haha, I suppose not, although I felt even colder in SA last Winter than I did in England. I guess it's because homes are not as insulated over here and there's heating everywhere in the UK. I hope there are a lot of beautiful Spring bulbs coming up for you to enjoy all over again :-)