Friday, December 1, 2023

Wild Shetland - Brydon Thomason

I thought I'd be taking the weekend off from blogging, but there was something amazing waiting for me when I got home and in turn I can't wait to share it with you. It's also made me feel like December really will change up the litany of bad news that November contained. Fingers crossed anyway.

The book is a review copy of Wild Shetland from published by the Shetland Times. It's currently reprinting so I'm feeling even luckier to have been sent a copy. Brydon Thomason is a photographer and wildlife guide in Shetland - follow his Facebook page for samples of his work - this collection is fabulous. 

It's a splendid coffee table book for anyone with an interest in nature photography or Shetland, it's also a seasonal guide to both the biggest, best, and most iconic wildlife you might see in the islands along with some of the smaller things you might ordinarily overlook. It also has plenty of elegantly presented information about both subjects and place. 

I will always think of Shetland as home, and much as I miss the summers with their long hours of daylight and the few luminous hours of twilight in between, in many ways it's the winters I miss most, both for the rare calm days of grace, the dark, and for storms you can't ignore. Winter might well be my favourite section of this book.

Anyway - if it sounds like something you might like - and I cannot enthuse enough about some of the images in here - keep an eye on The Shetland Times website for when it's back in stock. You can order through Waterstones too when it's back in stock but they don't do the lovely wrapping that The Shetland Times does when they send things out.  


  1. I love that you say you miss the Shetland winters. I think I'd miss the drama of the storms too.

    1. I like the sense of deep winter - cold, dark, and time to hibernate a bit. Of course my memories are of being a child in a farming family where we could slow down a bit with the season in that we weren't constrained by a 9-5, but even so I still love to have time off in January and either stay at home or go North and just do what the weather lets me for a bit.