Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Shetland Wool Adventures Volume 5

There will still be time to get a copy of this before Christmas, and I highly recommend it. Mine arrived today - more treats from Shetland which are making me feel as spoilt as I am homesick. 

There's a slight change of format to this Wool Adventures Journal - there's only 4 patterns this time, all of them appealing, but as I mentioned a week or 2 back, the Noness beret is the one that I'm really keen to get started on. There are lots of recipes from 2 excellent cooks - Misa Hay (whose journal it is) and Elizabeth Atia, and some really great articles, plus great book reviews of course. 

One of the featured walks is around my patch of Shetland, and anybody who's stayed at Burrastow House will have the added kick of some familiar views. There's also a piece on Angela Harding who visited Fair Isle and Shetland this summer - she lives in Rutland which is the next county over from Leicestershire and my 50th birthday present is going to be one of the prints inspired by her stay on the westside. 

It's sitting face to the wall at the moment, the framers didn't wrap it and it seemed silly to use lots of my own paper, but I'm very carefully not looking at it until next Wednesday when it's officially mine. The interview with Harding feels well timed - sometimes a thing really does feel like it could have been written specifically with me/you in mind. 

Altogether you get a lot for your money here and support a brilliant local business at the same time. Do check them out HERE

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  1. Thank you!! I bought a prior issue (3?) on your recommendation but had lost track. Agree this is a really worthwhile publication