Tuesday, January 11, 2022


The closest thing I've made to New Year's resolutions this year is to promptly read some of the books I got for Christmas, and not to buy any more books until I've read a good amount of the ones I already have. The number of unread books has become oppressive again, but I'm making good progress. An actual ban wouldn't work for me, but reminding myself of the current chaos of home, and the expectation of a few review copies has made it easy to exercise some restraint.

I've also started knitting again - I stopped for a few weeks after finishing my jumper and tried to work out what to make next. I have plans for another jumper, but first I'm enjoying knitting a couple of socks that are destined to be Christmas stockings. I meant to make these last year but failed to find the time - I'm using Alison Rendall's Stoorbra socks pattern but on larger needles and with DK rather than jumper weight yarn. So far I'm really happy with the results - and actually doing a bit of stash busting too which also feels really good.

Meanwhile, I'm still eating my way through Christmas cake, panettone, and eyeing the biggest Toblerone I've ever seen (thanks mum) which is all going nicely with tea, and my current book choice - Adrian Bell's 'A Countryman's Notebook' (also, thank you mum) from Slightly Foxed. 

I was dogsitting at the weekend and found a very appropriate quote about rough weather; "No weather, of course, is bad weather on a Sunday - for those on terra firma. You can enjoy going out if you are not obliged to."

The dog would doubtless take a different view of my obligations, and as it happened Sunday was fairly glorious, if cold and very muddy - but it gave us a 6 mile wander that we both thoroughly enjoyed. Having the time and opportunity to do it was a real treat. 


  1. Sounds idyllic, especially the eating part!

  2. Sounds lovely! And I'd love to see photos of the socks, I have so many UFOs in my house I'm not allowed to buy any more yarn. I did sign up for a toe-up sock class but it's not until February (assuming it isn't cancelled!)

    1. There will be a sock post to follow. Going to do a few odd ones ready for December.