Monday, January 17, 2022

Back from the Borders

I've been up to the Scottish borders for a bit of wedding research and a family catch-up - not something I take for granted in current times. Due to where we all live it's not especially easy to see Shetland or Inverness family at any time, and really hard over the last two years of restrictions to get out of Leicester (there were a couple of glorious escapes). I don't regret sacrificing that time, it was the right thing to do, but right at the moment, the people who didn't bother to follow either the spirit or the letter of the law are really pissing me off.

My friends and family missed funerals, canceled weddings, in some cases are still dealing with long covid, worried about jobs, worried about everybody they loved, and now we're all trying to adjust back to a world where some people take precautions seriously, and others think it's fine to wander around with a heavy cold (we hope) and cough all over you without wearing masks. In return for what we all went through, and in some respect for the hundreds of thousands who died or have to live with long-term health problems, we deserve much better from those who are meant to be leading us.

Anyway, in much happier news after 3 hours of driving through freezing fog on Saturday the sun came out somewhere near Durham, and the last 2 days have provided perfect winter weather, sunny, frosty, a full moon, and generally glorious. Dad has had a curlew weather vane made which we're all extremely impressed with. It was made by Nate ( see more of his work Here ). We're generally agreed that his price was pretty reasonable (not precisely cheap, but very good value) so if you're looking for something really special and bespoke he might be worth a look. 

We also had fun in Hawick, a town which finally looks like it might be about to see better times again. We went to the Borders distillery - very smart, and the Kerr's gin is one of the best I've had. We didn't go on a tour this time but might book one when we're next up. the smell coming from the distillery was amazing. I did get a long coveted blanket from the Lovet mill. It's cheaper to wrap myself up in a lambswool and silk blend than it is to put on another heater at the moment. 

Whilst I'm at it, I'm also going to give a shout out to Their Nibs pyjamas. I bought a couple of pairs before Christmas - they arrive by post very promptly, and I really like them. They size large, the ones I bought are a lightweight cotton which washes well and is comfortable to wear, and I love the patterns which are the right type of quirky for me. They also have pockets. My family are uniformly unimpressed by my suggestion we could all have matching wedding party pyjamas, I might do it just to prove them wrong. 


  1. That curlew weather vane is a handsome art/craft piece. I hope you and your family stay well in these trying times.

    1. Thank you, we're all doing well and I hope it's the same for you.

  2. The weather vane is beautiful.

    BTW even before Covid it was not acceptable to cough at people, or to sneeze into the palm of your hand, now it's inexcusable.