Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

I'm spending the day with my mother and her new kitchen. Both the dog and I have been parked (dog in her bed, me on a chair) and are being discouraged from moving much (she keeps offering me cups of tea and telling me she has everything under control).

It's very relaxing. Meanwhile the kitchen itself is to my eyes almost unbelievably tidy and well coordinated. Mine is neither, and although we have very different personal styles - my preference is for colour and pattern, I'm currently feeling slightly envious of the calm, and the space. The comparison is also making me feel somewhat like a grubby teenager again...

Happy Easter everyone.


  1. What a beautiful, tranquil space! I could never live up to it, personally, but I love it.

    Happy Easter! It seems as if you are having a very well-deserved rest.

    1. Staying with my mother is amazing, everything is beautifully tidy, matches, and works properly. The mattress in her spare room is just right, the dog makes a fuss of me, and mum even brings me tea in bed in the morning. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow at all.

  2. Lovely to look at but I know it would not remain so for very long if I was in it!