Monday, June 13, 2016


I had very good intentions to write about the Bodies From The Library event today, but I'm now in Shetland where it's been such a glorious day that I've been out walking (with only a little bit of sleeping in the garden) and generally enjoying it whilst it lasts.

Shetland is beautiful whatever the weather, or so I think anyway, but cloudless blue sky's never hurt. Generally adding to the holiday mood is my stepmothers excellent cooking and dad being well in the mend. Bodies From The Library soon...


  1. looks a very interesting place we will have to visit there soon. Always willing to add to our portfolio. Regards,Mark.

  2. Somewhere I've always wanted to visit. It looks wonderful.

  3. Mentally sobbing with yearning over your Shetland pictures! Especially the pink sea-thrift...the way to my heart...ooooohhhhh....