Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cake - it's getting serious

My youngest sister (the cake baker in chief) came round for Father's Day, tried the apricot and earl grey tea cake and then produced a cake if her own. Just a little chocolate cake filled with raspberries and cream and topped with a coffee and chocolate glaze (well played Sophie, you win this one).

It was delicious, with a glaze so shiny I could see myself reflected in it, and the whole thing as light as a feather. I'm not sure I can bake a proper response to that.


  1. It all depends upon what flavor you like best. Personally I love apricots (but not Earl Grey) and while I love chocolate, it would be the raspberries that really sucked me in. However, best of all would be lemon. How about a lemon drizzle type pound cake (made with lemon flavored yogurt or a lassi)? Baking, and cooking, aren't really a competition. It is about excellent ingredients simply and carefully prepared and served to family and friends. Nothing too fancy or contrived, just simple and good.

  2. Not really a competition, but... My stepmother is a chef, my youngest sister a very good baker, and I'm quite a keen one. Yesterday's chocolate raspberry coffee beauty was her Father's Day offering for dad and full of his favourite things. We're not seriously competitive about it, but I must admit being around great bakers does make me try a little bit harder.

  3. Ooh, I do like shiny things.