Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekend Plans

After a Saturday spent out in deepest Rutland doing a bit of research, or more specifically, searching for something to finish off a project I'm quite excited about the rest of my weekend - or at least the rest of Saturday is going to involve these... A knitting project that I've been ignoring for months, but just needs I final push to get it finished. The final push is taking some effort. After 4 solid hours I managed to knit about an inch more.

When the knitting gets a bit too exhausting I've got Zola to turn to. I didn't get round to him at all last year, but 'The Conquest of Plassans' had me from the first page. It's good to be back in Plassans.


  1. I also spent the weekend in Rutland - house hunting - my face is still tingling slightly from the refreshing hailstorm/snowflake/icy rain combination we experienced during the visit!

  2. It was a bracing day! I hope your house hunting is going well, I'm not overly familiar with Rutland - but uppingham is a favourite destination, and some of the villages are beautiful.