Thursday, January 21, 2016

Literary Knits - Nikol Lohr

My knitting progress stalled a bit at the end of last year, but now I feel like I've got a bit more time (and it's finally turned cold) I've been eyeing up my yarn stash again. It won't currently all fit in the drawer set aside for it, and as I know I'll buy more the next time I'm in Shetland (and who knows, maybe before) I really need to use some of it. 

I've also got the inspiration of 'Literary Knits' in front of me, this was a Christmas present from my mother (great choice mum). It's an American book which is mostly significant for the number of knits inspired by American classics (I feel quite ignorant for not being familiar with 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn') but it's also possible that there will be the same sort of unexpected differences I find between British and American cookbooks. I'm not an experienced or knowledgable enough knitter to know yet.

Like every book of patterns I've ever picked up it also has a fair share of knits I could never imagine anyone wearing - I'm thinking very specifically of the Katie Rommely Gaiters. They're sort of lacy, flared, and have pom-poms, and I just don't get them. Never mind. I have my doubts about a knitted Elizabeth Bennet top and a Galadriel hooded dress too, but again, each to their own. 

On the other hand there's a very attractive looking pattern for fingerless gloves (which I'm really keen to make, and one for mittens which I'm starting to come round to as well, they'd certainly be easier to knit than gloves (with fingers) and possibly just the job for dog walking too. For some future date when I have a lot more patience there are some very attractive shawls (the Emma, for Emma Bovary, has particularly caught my eye, the Jane Eyre shawl is a close second) and a couple of jumpers I really like the look of. 

Altogether it's an inspiring collection, the literary connections are a nice touch, and there's recommendations for iPad knitting apps, along with the usual guide to techniques and so on, that as a novice knitter I'm happy to be pointed towards. There are sections on knitting for women, for men, and for children, so there really is something for everybody and the whole thing has me itching to pick up some needles and get going. 


  1. And I'm itching to se the results, Hayley

    1. I think I need some knitting buddies for advice and cheering on. Look at some of these projects and think how much I want yo do them, but they look quite daunting.

  2. It looks like an interesting book. I hope you find time to knit something from it.

  3. I'm determined to. It's a fun book with some nice things in it, just need to find the confidence to get cracking now.