Monday, December 19, 2011

New Books

Now that I can realistically count down the time left at work before things calm down (four and a half days, thirty nine hours, or a lot of minutes) I'm beginning to plan my holiday reading. This is a ritual that I love and another reason that I don't really think an e-reader is for me - eyeing up the possibilities, trying to predict my reading moods, balancing a wildcard choice along with something worthy and wordy, and finally remembering to follow the golden rule of no more books than knickers when you pack to go away - its not a bad way to unwind.

These beauties are a collection of review copies, birthday presents, and purchases, some of which will definitely come away with me. Nancy Mitford's 'Christmas Pudding' is an obvious choice, as is 'The G-String Murders'. 'The Whores Assylum' looks promising but isn't officially out until February so that might wait, and of course there may well be books for Christmas too... Also I also have shelves full of things I've meant to read for ages, I think a Trollope may be on the cards, and I wouldn't rule out a Walter Scott either - but then I'd like to read some more Wilkie Collins and now it's all getting a bit Victorian. I also have some Dorothy Whipple that needs reading, it's been a while since I've read any P.G. Wodehouse. I have a George Mackay Brown, about one hundred and fifty Virago books, plenty of Stella Gibbons, and who knows what else (is this the year for 'Moby Dick'?). The consideration and anticipation is almost as good as the actual reading. 


  1. I hope the next thirty-nine hours go quickly and smoothly :) I just read Christmas Pudding myself - saving it for the holidays! I always pack many too many books, for fear of being trapped somewhere without a book.

  2. I love planning my holiday reading. Indeed, I think I get as much satisfaction from the planning as I do the reading most years! This year, I'm planning on reading Barchester Towers, having just started reading Trollope a few months ago, to be followed by some E.F. Benson, P.G. Wodehouse and as many Persephones as I can manage. Just writing my plans down makes me so excited to start!

  3. Claire - Barchester Towers is great, I think you'll love it, in fact all your choices sound brilliant.

    Lisa May - only 31 hours left now. I don't have great expectations of Christmas Pudding but hope it will be fun.

  4. I love planning what books I am going to read next and completely agree that the whole process of going through your books and deciding on what to read next is almost as good as actually reading the books. It looks like you have some really interesting reading ahead of you!

  5. I completely agree with "The consideration and anticipation is almost as good as the actual reading."

    Wishing you a very merry christas and enjoy your lovely books :)

  6. I love your Golden Rule and will be applying it to my booky life on occasion: No more books than knockers.


  7. A Bookish Space - I can't wait to be on holiday and reading :)

    Boof - thank you, and Merry Christmas to you too

    Raving Reader; guidelines are good :)

  8. Merry Christmas Hayley!

    That rule's a new one on me too, I shall have to give it a try. I haven't read any of your choices, and hope you'll blog about them at some point...