Sunday, October 1, 2023

Roast Figs and Sugar Snow

Yesterday I went for my covid vaccination - number 5 I think, and for the first time have had something like an adverse reaction to it beyond my arm being a bit sore. It's basically been a banging headache and feeling feverish, probably not helped by the unseasonably warm and clammy weather today. This is better than the actual Covid that my mother has - she's into the third week of having symptoms (still testing positive) and the whole thing has been brutal. I know I might not get anything as severe, but equally the time of employers being really sympathetic or supportive for this kind of lengthy attack feels long gone. It's going to be a long winter (flu jab is in 2 weeks time).

On the brighter side as well as being cold and flu season it's also cookbook season and whilst there's not that much I'm excited about this year there's still always something and as busy as the publishing calendar has been in recent weeks, Super Thursday is still around the corner and who knows what's still under my radar (not me, obviously).

I did buy the updated version of Diana Henry's roast Figs and Sugar Snow. I've liked this book for a very long time and only considered holding out against the inevitable for about half an hour. Eight new recipes was all it took to swing it for me. My old copy will get passed on to a good home and I've already got good use out if this new copy. There's a particular sausage recipe in it that's fast, luxurious, and now apparently my husband's favourite - Diana Henry is good on ways to turn an otherwise humble* sausage into something spectacular. 

This is overall such a lovely winter cookbook I can't regret buying it again for myself. It has the most indulgent brownie I've ever bitten into in it, the pork recipe that really convinced my mother I could cook. There's a couple of delicious things I'd forgotten about and an excellent mix of things to pull out for special occasions or for midweek meals. If you don't know this book already check it out, and if you do I'm very happy to enable anyone else who thinks they need the new copy as well!

*There's a very good pork butcher on Leicester market, the only thing humble about his product is their price.  


  1. I still have a few more weeks to wait here before publication but can't wait to get my hands on this! I only managed to find the original as an inter-library loan so never got to cook as much as I wanted from it so have grand plans for this winter!

    1. I've cooked a lot from it over the last couple of weeks. I genuinely love it!