Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Two Hats

About three years ago (which seems impossible) I saved one of Anna Koska's photographs on Instagram - honeysuckle taken in very low morning light. I really liked it and the colours have sat at the back of my mind ever since. Eventually, I decided to use them in a hat - the matches aren't perfect, but overall I'm happy with them. 

Hat number one has already been given to a workmate who's off to somewhere cold this coming winter, Her hat was experimental to try and catch the mood as well as the colours of the initial image - it was almost what I wanted but I thought it could do with a couple of tweaks. The second hat uses exactly the same colours and motifs but put together in a slightly different way and I changed the crown from dots to stripes - I don't think I have a preference for this, but overall hat number two works better for me in terms of hitting the mood I was looking for.

Balancing that, hat number one reminded me of some Victorian embroidery (crewel work possibly, on green baize) that I saw once and really liked and I'm very tempted to keep on playing with these specific colours - maybe making one of the pinks or yellows my main colour next time and seeing where that goes. One of the most fun things about Fair Isle knitting is in the seemingly endless variations you can get from relatively small changes.

The second hat doesn't yet have a home but I'd quite like to exchange it for a donation to Loros, the hospice that cared for my late friend in her last weeks - so if anybody wants to acquire a winter hat in the middle of summer please let me know and we can perhaps arrange something. 

Hat 2, yellow tassel

Hat 1 with Red Pottage in a classic Green VMC cover - another mood match!


  1. BOTH beautiful! Sadly, have a huge head so fear about fit - otherwise would willingly snap up the 'spare' but thank you very much for showing us. You're immensely talented.

    1. This isn't a hard sell, but I think I'd like to keep on doing a few more knitting swaps for donations to the hospice so if you're ever seriously interested in a bespoke hat hit me up and we can work something out!

  2. As ever your colorwork is stunning!

  3. I love that hat and I'd be willing to make a donation (depending on what you think it's worth). Our local hospital visited us at home to provide support while my husband underwent chemo and radiotherapy, and is now recovering from major surgery. It's been a tough few years.

  4. That hat has gone now, but if you would like one I'm happy to knit another in either the same colours or others if you have a preference.
    My email is is in the link above if you want to discuss it? It seems like a nice way to raise some money for a good cause!