Monday, November 1, 2021

Shetland Wool Week Annual Volume 7

I have a huge pile of really excellent books to finish reading and talking about - I'm absolutely going to have to get my act together in November to clear some of them off my desk and share them with you. It's not going to happen tonight though as I really need to finish the second sleeve of my jumper (how has it taken me so much longer to knit each sleeve than it did the body of the thing?) and this year's wool week annual has landed in my letterbox.

I love the Shetland Wool Week Annual, and this year I'm really proud to be able to say I've got a piece in it. I had the absolute pleasure of getting to contact a range of different groups of people who had got through lockdown with knitting and other activities - I've met literally the nicest people through this - including a wonderful transatlantic reading group who welcomed me into their fold have been amazing to talk to and get to know and they're only the beginning of it. 

The online knitting community has been a godsend over the last two years, with a niche for anybody who wants to find one. It's been one of the positives of lockdown and something I'm very glad to have found. 

There are some cracking patterns in this years annual too - worth the cover price for those alone, and right now a couple of articles that I'm going to read before I do anything else tonight. The photography is also particularly lovely in this issue - and honestly, if you knit, buy it! You will find it here amongst other places Shetland Wool Week Annual 2021 – Shetland Wool Week Shop

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