Thursday, August 19, 2021

Aberdeen and Shetland

Today is my friend Clover's birthday, and she tells me it's not a proper summer without Shetland pictures, so these are basically for her, and my last photo dump now that the excitement of the last couple of weeks is starting to settle down. The Aberdeen pictures are mostly from around Kings College, Old Aberdeen, and Union Street.

This one is from the window of my cabin on the ferry, it got a lot rougher the moment we passed that lighthouse and got out of the harbour confines.

The sign says Spital under the ivy, it's a very Scottish name, I've seen it in the Borders too, I love the tiled Aberdeen street signs, though a lot more of them have lost there pointing fingers since my student days there.

This well worn stone was part of a wheel house at Jarlshof.
Another view through a salty ferry window - we saw a fin whale not ling after this
Possibly the most photographed place in Shetland

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