Sunday, July 11, 2021

Jumper Update

I meant to do this on Friday but waited until I'd finished the body of the jumper and the neck. Currently, I'm the proud owner/creator of a knitted straight jacket and have reached the interesting bits. I also found the measurement which tells me how long the jumper is meant to be from shoulder to hem which I was complaining was absent from the pattern a couple of weeks ago, so a red-faced moment for me here. 

And whilst I'm confessing things, I gave up on trying to learn Kitchener stitch on a sweltering hot July afternoon, with a whining dog (her leg hurts after a cruciate ligament strain but she still wants longer walks than she's allowed) for company. Instead, I used a 3 needle bind off to deal with the shoulder seams. I know this is impatience, that I should have waited until I was back home after dog sitting, made a practice sample, and learned how to do it properly. I need the practice for sleeve attachment, but I really wanted to be done - so here we are.

I'm also getting a bit confused by instructions that refer to left and right. My jumper is currently a tube, there's no shaping to differentiate front from back or left from right, and the shape it develops will be from wearing so how do I know which is which, and if I don't, does it matter?

Meanwhile, I now know that after all this effort that my jumper is both wide enough to have plenty of negative ease and not quite as ridiculously long as it looked on the needles. Both of these things are a relief. I was fairly sure it would be okay, but not completely sure - my maths is okay.

I'm also quite heartened to realise that I can knit something this big without losing interest half way through - I really thought I'd struggle with that, but I've enjoyed the all over pattern and found it went surprisingly quickly. I know I've said that before, but it continues to be the biggest surprise/discovery of this project. 


  1. That jumper is spectacular. If I ever achieved something so beautiful, even unfinished, I'd frame it and put it on a wall. The colors are gorgeous and the knitting is absolutely even and flat. If there's no shaping you can always stick a stitch marker on one side so you can tell front to back.

  2. I think when I wear it a shape will develop... I've started on the sleeves now which require a bit more thought, I'm really looking forward to finishing and wearing this (when it's cold enough).