Sunday, June 30, 2019

Back from Shetland

I got back to Leicester around 3pm today, it's hot - my flat was like a furnace with all the windows closed, but the drains seem to be fixed. The plumbers left everything beautifully tidy, I by contrast have already covered clean sheets in cocktail bitters which had leaked in a bag. Because of course they would.

Time in Shetland goes far to fast, I didn't manage to see everybody I would have liked to, or even do half the things I meant to, but it was wonderful to be there and I've come back inspired in all sorts of ways. I'm also broke and have a lot more yarn.

Meanwhile this is going to be another picture post whilst I come down from holiday excitement and contemplate the reality of going back to work in the morning.
One of the highlights of going by boat rather than flying was to come out of a thick sea haar just off Fair Isle. It's much more dramatic than this picture suggests, and was alive with gannets, puffins, razorbills, fulmars, guillemots, and more.
Jamie is a more or less retired sheepdog now, and he gets rather more pampered than he used to. This includes a blind eye to him snoozing on the sofa, but the dangling back end is his way of pretending he's only leaning on it.


  1. In the previous 'Jamie on the sofa' photo one could say he was keeping an eye on those sheep (cushions), but this one, yes, he's just leaning for a moment.

  2. I did smile at the dog. I am so pleased to hear that your drain is fixed and that you got to visit Shetland again.

  3. Loved your pictures, thanks for sharing them. I do hope to get to Shetland one day. Depends on healths of a lot of people - husband, my travel-companion friend, myself - but I would love to see its beauties in person.

    1. As long as you're reasonably mobile everything is very accessible- let me know if you get to planning!