Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year (and all about my love for Pol Roger)

It's the time to make some resolutions for 2018, and I'm going to keep mine realistic (and champagne based). This year will end and the next one begin with Pol Roger's vintage rose, which sits high on my list of favourite champagnes (because it's absolutely gorgeous).

I've specifically chosen it for tonight because the last few months have been punctuated by Pol Roger. I got to revisit the peerless Cuvée Winston Churchill at a tasting late in October (it's the champagne I celebrated moving into my flat with, and would choose for any occasion where price wasn't an object - it has incredible finesse and richness, and is the match of any other premier Cuvée I've yet tried).

We had the splendid non vintage for a family gathering at the end of November, their vintage (2006) for a Christmas Eve tradition (I meant to drink it for my birthday, but fell asleep before we got to it), and Pol Roger Pure on Christmas Day. This extra brut has no sweetening sugar added as dosage (because of geography champagnes grapes are naturally very high in acidity, sometimes so high that a little sugar is required to even them out, or to make a sweeter style - dosage) so it's a 'pure' expression of the grapes.

Despite the lack of sugar it's a surprisingly rich (and again, bloody gorgeous) champagne. This seems to have been achieved by very careful grape selection from chosen vineyards (the blend is a 3 way split between the 3 permitted grape varieties) and longer aging time which gives the acidity time to soften. Mine had been sitting quietly in a cupboard for a year or two as well, which hadn't hurt.

So my resolution for 2018 - finally try their blanc de blanc (100% Chardonnay) which I have inexplicably failed to do yet; Pol Roger tends to be a trade favourite, something we seek out in all it's forms - and share stories of when we're alone together (that last bit is sadly true), and their Demi sec (off dry). I feel these are realistic goals.

Meanwhile, the dog, who I am staying with for New Year, looks like she's resolving to spend more of 2018 on the sofa (where she isn't currently really allowed) her plans also appear to be getting off to a flying start.

Happy New Year!


  1. Is she a black lab? Lovely dogs. Maybe a bit too jumpy-up and lick you to death. Anyway, Happy New Year from one of your lurkers and sporadic commentators. Have a good one.

  2. She's my mother's black German Shorthaired Pointer. She Lives to jump up and lick you and I adore her. She's the most upliftingly enthusiastic and affectionate animal I think I've ever met, and I wish I could bottle how much she can cheer me up when I'm feeling a bit low - dogs are the best!