Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bousta Beanie (more knitting)

I had a long list of jobs to do today (I should be reading Zola, writing about some classic crime, hoovering, and so on) but I can't concentrate on anything much thanks to the distraction that is the general election. I can't ever remember caring so much about the result, and am currently well on my way to being a nervous wreck. On the whole it seems like a good time to think about knitting instead.

I made a hat, specifically Gudrun Johnston's Bousta Beanie (the pattern can be downloaded Here where it's currently free). She is patron of this years Shetland Wool Week, a hat pattern has become a traditional part of the event, and it's been fun seeing all the personal variations each knitter brings to them over the last few years (what kind of a world was it before Instagram?).

This one is intended for D, who might even wear it, and will match the cowl I finished a couple of weeks ago. I love everything about Johnston's design - which is simple enough for even a very amateur knitter, such as myself, to follow without trouble. Love it so much I've already started another one for another friend.

Simple as it is, it's still a breakthrough for me (actually, just following a pattern is a bit of a breakthrough). One which will let me look at more ambitious projects with a bit more of a can do attitude, so a big thank you to Gudrun Johnston and the Shetland Wool Week team for providing such a confidence building project.


  1. Sympathies... look what we elected, but with Corbin jabbering about the UN & the lib-dems blathering about pot, surely the outcome is further gone than George 3?

  2. Hoovering can always wait. Not a UK resident, but you have my deepest sympathies -- I couldn't watch the disaster that was the US election last year, and I still can't watch TV news. Knitting is a good thing for difficult times. That beanie is adorable and I'm so tempted to download the pattern, but I have am embarrassing amount of half-finished projects!

  3. I love this pattern, have almost completed another one. I'm having to stop myself commenting on Facebook and Twitter - people are sensitive at the moment (self included) and some days it all seems a bit precarious. It's a strange old world we're in.

  4. You did that hat very well, you will soon feel more confident and will start to make cardigans and jumpers etc.

  5. Thank you. I think steeling has to be the next thing I try doing, it's all about building up those skills! I must admit I do like quick projects though...