Sunday, January 8, 2017

Back from the (near) North

I've had a really lovely week in the Scottish Borders (complete with a day in Edinburgh) and now I'm back at home - and back within reach of a wifi signal. I took 5 books away with me, was given a sixth, and bought two more, I failed to read any of them. I was also given two more bottles of gin (Shetland Reel Holly days, and a home made damson) and bought another one (Rock Rose winter edition) - I've not drunk any of those either - but we did drink plenty of other gins so that was understandable.

What I have been doing is thinking about knitting. I finally finished a neck warmer that I'd hoped to get done before Christmas, the pattern is a traditional fair isle one, the colours are from the Jamieson and Smith's heritage range (100% Shetland wool, but worsted - I'm hazy about what that actually means, but the yarn is delightfully soft) but the inspiration was Kate Davies Sixareen design. I wouldn't wear something like that enough to give me the neccesary push to finish it, but I loved the way she put the colours together, and I do love a neck warmer. I plan to knit another one with a few more small changes and general refinements but I love the colourway more than ever.

I also spent a lot of time charting pattern ideas. I bought a new rug which I like do much I feel inspired to turn it's design into a pattern for yet another neck warmer, and maybe a hot water bottle cover, and there were a few other things I've had at the back of my mind for a while.

It's been relaxing, I could have stayed for a lot longer doing the same sort of things. But it's good to be home too, and time to get on, and catch up, with all the things that got pushed out of the way by the festive season. I'm officially ready for 2017.

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