Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Christmas

Work is done, I have 2 days off, and I think I'm organised.  We'll see. Meanwhile I just want to say happy Christmas, whatever you're doing I hope the next few days leave you feeling content and relaxed.


  1. Yet, I feel,
    If someone said on Christmas Eve,
    'Come; see the oxen kneel,

    'In the lonely barton by yonder coomb
    Our childhood used to know,'
    I should go with him in the gloom,
    Hoping it might be so.'

    Thomas Hardy

    1. I particularly like that quote, it certainly captures the desire for a bit of magic in the world.

  2. I hope you have a relaxing break and a delightful merry Christmas!

  3. I do love your books and alcohol pairings. Someone gave us a 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape for Christmas and I paired it with Alice in Wonderland . . .

    Happy New Year and thank you for your fine blog.

    1. Now I wouldn't have thought of pairing Chateauneuf du P with Alice in Wonderland (with Laurence Durrell's Avignon novels maybe) but I shall try it next time I go through the looking glass.
      Once I drank a bottle of Normandy cider while reading John Bunyan's The Death of Mr Badman (Hesperus).
      Bunyan's prose felt as dry and icy as the beverage.
      I prefer the taste of cider to Calvinism.
      J Haggerty

    2. Thank you, Mary - that's very kind of you to say. Chateauneuf with its hint of spice, and dark fruit flavours suddenly feels very queen of hearts. I hope you have a lovely new year too.

      Jack, its an interesting comparison! Probably because I work with wine I find it surprisingly helpful to think about it, and other drinks, in relation to books - it's certainly turned out to be a useful way to remember wines.