Sunday, October 2, 2016


I spent the hottest days of September (when it was a steamy 30 degrees, what a time to get a cold) contracting a bout of bronchitis which has left me well enough for work but pretty much wiped out for anything else. It's certainly made concentrating on reading harder than I'd like, so after a fair amount of falling asleep over books I have up and got the knitting needles out instead.

I want a neck warmer, something smaller than a cowl, which won't get in the way of the stock of a shotgun when I go shooting, but will be warm. Something in Fair Isle should fit the bill in terms of warmth, but getting the sizing right - snug enough not to get in the way, loose enough not to be distracting, and not to deep, is proving a challenge. (One that's watching would probably solve, but where's the fun in that?).

My first attempt was a bit to snug for me so I've given it to a friend as a birthday present (someone who doesn't wear their hair in a bun so has a bit more wriggle room putting it on). I took cake  and stones too so whatever they thought about the knitwear there was something to be wholeheartedly pleased with!

I do like the pattern though, and think one more repeat (horizontally) will have it just about right. We'll see.