Saturday, March 12, 2016


I should be finishing off Zola's 'Earth', and could be writing about his 'The Conquest of Plassons' which I read a week or two back, but 'Earth' is proving to be a relentlessly bleak depiction of peasant life with a lot (really a lot) of perfunctory sex in ditches, on haystacks, under hedges, and any other location Zola could think of. I feel I need a break from so much Gaelic excess and I've been truly bitten by the knitting bug again so this weekend I'm hitting the yarn rather than the books.

I've started a new project and am at the happy stage of wondering if the colours I've chosen are going to work together, or not, as the case may be. They looked great altogether as balls of wool (or so I thought) but everything seems to change on the needles (wires? What is the correct knitting slang I wonder) and I know from experience that I won't really know if I'm happy about it until I can see the finished article.

Sheila McGregor's 'Traditional Fair Isle Knitting' is an excellent source of inspiration (I thought I'd written about it before, but find I haven't - one day I'll post about it properly.)

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