Saturday, October 10, 2015

October break

I have a week off, and despite only having been back at work for three and a half weeks I'm really ready for it. It will be mostly spent dog sitting and breaking in new shoes (work ones which are boring, and other ones which I'm more than a little besotted by). The dog belongs to my mother and I'm more than a little besotted by her so I've been really looking forward to having her to myself for a few days. 

If the dog allows it (she does seem to like ALL the attention) I have a couple of books to read, including something for the 1924 book club which has been surprisingly hard to find. For all the old books I have, remarkably few of them seem to have been published in 1924. I saw a list on Wikipedia which suggested that 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes' would fit the bill but when I checked it, it turns out it was 1925 instead. There are a couple of crackers on Simon's list that I've already read and also Michael Arlen's 'The Green Hat', but nothing I wanted to re read. There's at least one that I feel I really ought to read but can't raise any enthusiasm for and then the one I finally found... 
 At least I was set up for the search by the perfect autumn, and holiday, breakfast; porridge with plenty of cream, Demerara sugar, and a discreet slug of whisky. I can't pretend it's especially healthy, but it's good (though should be enjoyed responsibly, and not if you have to drive anywhere).

As this week also saw super Thursday when I traditionally find I have to have a new cookbook I got a new cookbook. This year it's 'Simply Nigella' (I like Jamie Oliver but not his books, for no good reason find I just don't get on with Nigel Slater's writing anymore, and for the first time in years haven't found the River Cottage offering irresistible but there's something for everyone in that mix). It looks great, and I may even have to make another effort to appreciate avocados (weird texture) as 
they seem to be a feature. Most attractive however is a series of bundt cakes, welcome because all look good and it might make me finally get the bundt tin back out. (TK Max special, and like so many bargains - underused). 

Meanwhile, in what was meant to be a cheap week I bought a pair of Dr Martens for enough money to pay for a lot of books but they were to good to miss. A collaboration with the Soane museum, they have scenes from Hogarth's 'A Rake's Progress'. A combination of Hogarth and comfortable footware isn't something you find just every day. I hope the dog appreciates them as much as I do on her walks.
Even the box is a delight.



  1. They're also very comfortable. And really, who can resist Hogarth!

  2. *gasps* LOVE the boot. Absolutely gorgeous. (The Soane seems to be doing such interesting collaborations of late - such a great museum.)

  3. Lovely museum and heavenly boots! Very pleased with them indeed :-)