Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shiny New Books 6

the latest issue of Shiny New Books has been posted, and is as ever full of temptations. My contribution is a piece on Sir Walter Scott's 'Waverley' here Waverley is awesome, you should probably read it (the link title is a concise précis of my thoughts on the matter). I wrote a bit about Waverley when I read it so won't say much more about it now other than that it would make a great holiday read. Honestly, it would.

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  1. Hello, I agree entirely about Waverley, and Scott in general. I think he is long overdue for a revival. He certainly was important for Scotland, both culturally and politically. Although I am Devonian, I had a Scots father, and my Scots grandma introduced me to him.mas a young child who was subscribed to both Devon County and Exeter City libraries and never seemed to have enough books to slate my emergent bibliophihia, Scott, with his long digressions, was a boon. I have had a soft spot for him ever since. Perhaps it's time for a reread of Waverley?