Monday, October 7, 2013


It's been a hectic few days away in the borders celebrating (belatedly) my father's 70th birthday (and also his twin brothers) and my youngest sisters actual 23rd birthday (the poor girl got her birthday comprehensively hijacked). There has been a lot of eating and drinking, an assortment of family and friends from all over the place, and a trip to the races. Because of all of that it wasn't a very bookish trip, there really wasn't much time for reading and The Main Street Trading Company) but didn't buy anything due to having spent all available funds on china in Jedburgh the day before. The Main street bookshop has always been inspiring and there's always something new going on, this time they've created book burrows for children... In what had been under stair cupboards there are now cosy alcoves (Mrs Rabbit's kitchen and Fantastic Mr Fox's Kitchen) where children can sit and listen to audio books. My sister and I both really wanted to try them out.
although I visited one of my favourite bookshops anywhere (

The purpose of this post though is mainly to share my china buys with you. Jedburgh is a historic and picturesque border town, Mary Queen of Scots was kept there for a bit and it has a ruined abbey, it also has a vintage shop in the old post office so whilst my father went off to find a tailor and be measured for a suit (we all went tweed crazy this summer) I had a good rummage. A while ago I saw an image of a coronation mug that Dame Laura Knight designed for the coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth, it was one of those things that you fall a little in love with and wonder why you never find or can never afford if you do find. Thursday was my lucky day because I got one for a reasonable price and in fairly good condition. I love it, now all I have to do is find it a suitable home. 

Jedburgh turns out to be a great place for finding stuff because a shop across the road had Quail Ceramics. I don't find these nearly often enough so am delighted to have finally become the proud possessor of a pheasant salt and pepper pot (I have plenty of salts and peppers and these have to be the most impractical shape imaginable for cleaning out, but still they were irresistible). The Scottish borders are brilliant. 


  1. How gorgeous - such beautiful moody colours. You were certainly in the right place at the right time - it was meant to be.

  2. Love the pheasants, very companionable. I visited Jedburgh Abbey one autumn, and it's a lovely memory...the leaves were indescribably gorgeous, so picturesque all over the ruins! What beautiful country you've got there...

    1. It was just like that Diana, it's a really lovely area - rich farming country with hints of wildness poking through.