Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bolsover Castle

It was going to be a reading day but in the end it turned out nice and into a whisky hunting and castle visiting day instead. We went up to Derbyshire which is far more scenic than Leicestershire (in my opinion), had a slightly worrying time following the sat nav instructions (it kept changing it's mind about where we wanted to go which was both confusing and frustrating and there was a crazily steep hill with a lot of sudden bends on it). Eventually though we managed to get safely from Bakewell to Bolsover.

Bolsover looks over the M1 and I must have been past it 100's of times but never until today stopped to have a look. Shame on me because it's beautiful. As it stands it was started by Charles Cavandish, one of Bess of Hardwick's sons (you can just about see Hardwick house) and finished by his son William. They seem to have liked women and horses. It was an unplanned trip so the only camera I had was on my phone which isn't brilliant but here are a few pictures anyway...

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