Sunday, July 21, 2013

And I'm back!

Two weeks has flown by, and not in reading books - I managed to finish one and read about 30 pages of two others, but there were so many other things to do... I've bought a lot of knitwear, which was useful in Shetland where we spent about ten days in a cloud. Not under a cloud but quite literally inside one, the rest of the country basked in sunshine, we sat in a sea haar that refused to lift (it didn't look like we'd get home today, more flights have been disrupted in Shetland over the last 2 weeks than in the Icelandic volcano episode a couple of years back, and we were lucky today our flight made it and so did one other but nothing else got in or out after that). The Shetland word to describe fog this thick is steekit I can think of no better way to describe it.

Photo's prove that it lifted occasionally and between buying all those woollen goods, catching up with people, making a fuss of the dog, fishing for, smoking, and eating mackerel (along with a lot of other very good food) there really wasn't enough time to do half the things we wanted. I did have a good nosey around the bookshelves though and found some cracking stuff to go back and read next time I'm up there (some chance of finding time to do it though).

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  1. Despite the steekit, it sounds like you had a nice time. I've been to Shetland once, absolutely loved it, and had a bit of a shopping spree on woolly things too!