Thursday, March 28, 2013

An evening out

I don't get out very often these days - mostly because I've got a lot better at finding excuses not to - but
every so often an invitation too good to want to turn down marries with my work schedule. So it was last night with Penguin books bloggers evening. This is the third one they've done and the third one I've been lucky enough to get invited. It's a heady mix of books, book lovers, book writers, and wine and this year hosted in a bookshop (Foyle's) so I staggered back from London under the weight of many books - the free ones on offer weren't enough, I had to buy another five. I also found time to buy some whisky - basically I came home very satisfied with my afternoon off. 

The book I came home most excited by was Alicia Foster's 'Warpaint' of which there will be much more later but basically it's set in the war and revolves around the art world - specifically a handful of women war artists. So far (I started it on the train) it's great fun with some interesting points to make. 

I have three days off now (which is more than I usually manage over Easter) and nothing special planned beyond a general hope that I might catch up with a few people and make a dent in this bag of books - some chocolate might be on my agenda as well, basically it's going to be the perfect weekend. 

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