Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Kitchen Day

A kitchen day with a little bit of shopping - I had meant to have a serious tidy up on my day off but whilst it's not quite as big a mess in the kitchen as when I started out it's not much better (though not as bad as my mother's - she's been making truffles but seemingly there was some sort of chocolate fuelled explosion; it sounds like there's no part of her kitchen unscathed, she even got cocoa up her nose). The mess in my kitchen is the normal sort that results from not putting things away or keeping on top of the washing up. 

I did start to tidy but got distracted by the final Christmas cake making leftovers - marzipan and icing - and as I still had a little fruit cake left from a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be more fun to decorate it than wash the floor (procrastination at its sweetest) I was right. 

I really love the leafy stamp things you get for icing and couldn't wait until December to try these out (sale purchase) which is good because the icing was drying out a bit and lumpy (sounds appealing doesn't it) so I stuck leaves everywhere it looked especially ropey. Had the icing been rather smoother it would have looked great as a white cake, but it wasn't so I used some green lustre as well (again, much more enjoyable than scrubbing the floor, also easier on the knees). Anyway I'm pleased enough with the results to want to share them before heading off to finish 'The Phantom Of The Opera' even if the camera has been cruel and really concentrated on the flaws rather than the pretty bits.  


  1. It looks lovely! And much more rewarding for everyone (us included!) than if you'd tidied and washed the floor :)

  2. Creativity. Much better than washing the floor. Love the delicate green of those ivy leaves.

  3. Just as well I didn't wash the floor after all, I made marmalade last night and everything got sticky so would only have had to do it again almost immediately. (Occurs to me that I sound like a domestic slut - not sure I can deny it ;))