Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Cake

Well my birthday came and went - not a very bookish one this year but it bought plenty of other good things, and then it was back to work and after two days of Christmas mayhem (no we don't sell an alcohol free mulled wine, and if you consider adding this sachet of spices to fruit juice and heating it up too much trouble I really can't help you... No, I know we don't have it in stock, my climbing four flights of stairs to get to the store room and having another look won't change that... And I'm sorry madam I don't know where you bought that wine, but you didn't buy it here, or indeed anywhere in the last decade, so I'm not going to replace it for you no matter how much you try and tell me you got it here a week ago - and if you don't like my attitude try and imagine how I feel about yours...) it's like it never happened.
At least I finished work at a very reasonable 5 o'clock tonight and so have had the chance to decorate my Christmas cake, I'm not quite as pleased with it as I was last years effort but had fun with the stamp thingys making snowflakes and the liberal sprinkling of glitter the kitchen has acquired is very festive.  


  1. The joys of working with the public!!

    The cake looks wonderful!

  2. I think it's exquisitely ethereal, and looks delicious too!

  3. I'm so inspired :-) Which recipe did you use?

  4. The cake recipe is this one which doesn't require much maturing, though if you're near a Waitrose they're selling Delia's cake kits for a £5 which have all the ingredients pre measured. The decorating consisted of squishing on some marzipan (stuck down with the help of apricot jam) and then the ready roll icing (available any supermarket, and stuck on with the aid of some vodka). I found the plunger stamp things in a kitchen shop, you just cut out the shapes and stick them on to the cake with a dab of water icing to keep them in place. Some I dipped in edible glitter and some in lustre (same kitchen shop). All very simple but very satisfying. Last year I made a stencil and just sprinkled glitter everywhere which was probably even better...

    1. Thanks for the tip ! I'm toying with some baking ideas at the mo as I'm definitely a novice but ..... I'm going to have a good luck at this one. Hope it's not beyond me!