Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scandilicious - Signe Johhansen

The season feels like it's definitely on the turn today, still summer, but not for much longer. It's cooled down enough for me to think I probably will make jam tonight, which is just as well because the fridge is full of raspberries bought for the purpose and there are greengages around too, very tempting. A week ago the idea of standing over a pan of boiling sugar would have made me swear, but then a week ago the sun hadn't set when I left work late, this week it has.

I was initially sceptical about 'Scandilicious', almost entirely due to the name which I harbour an unreasonable prejudice over. However it was raining, and I was in Waterstones, and they had money off the book, and I found myself giving it a proper look, and finally being beguiled enough to buy it. The rest of my scepticism about this book stems from my wanting a specifically Swedish cookbook, preferably very traditional. 

Meanwhile there's a lot to find interesting in 'Scandilicious'. It's the first book in my collection that advocates the use of fructose (actually to be strictly accurate others might, this is just the first time I've noticed) instead of sugar. The advantages of fructose are that it's sweeter so you use less, and has a lower GI than sugar, it's more expensive but I do like the idea of being able to bake sweet things which are marginally healthier. I had strawberries that wanted using so made ice-cream using fructose last night - the results are excellent, and on the subject of ice-cream there are instructions here for how to make it the old fashioned way with ice and salt which is something I really want to try. 
Signe also recommends using high fruit cordials for making jellies with, I know this is probably obvious but never having been much of a cordial drinker it's new to me. I am however a big fan of five valleys cordials and had thought of using their pomegranate and rose for ice-cream, ice-cream season is almost over though and having never made my own jelly this feels like a plan. Otherwise the instructions look good and clear and  I like the way that alternatives are given for more specialised ingredients.

It looks like the bank holiday weekend is going to be a wash out so I foresee a great opportunity for staying in the kitchen and cooking - it could be much, much, worse.   

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