Friday, July 6, 2012

On Holiday

I want this please
As of 5 O'clock this evening I have been officially on holiday, weather permitting I will be heading for Shetland on Sunday though between floods at this end and fog up there I'm not entirely confidant about my travel arrangements. Assuming nothing goes wrong my biggest headache now is in trying to work out what bags to pack and deciphering the hand baggage rules (after stringent research it transpires that the hand baggage allowance for the second leg of my journey as only two thirds that of the first part - I need a tape measure as a matter of urgency).

Not this, no thank you, not at all
On a positive note the clouds started to clear as I walked out of work today and the sky is mostly blue at the moment (makes a nice change), I'm hoping it's a good sign for things to come, I really, really, want to be away at the moment (can't help but notice that weather never stops me coming home - just from getting away). Meanwhile, and to take my mind off weather paranoia, it's time to choose which books to take with me; the big book strategy has worked well for the last couple of trips so I think two nice fat books will see me through, most likely a Trollope and maybe Robert Macfarlane's 'The Old Ways' though neither of these choices is set in stone yet. 

And really not this.
Despite having a pile of things to do before leaving town I'm still enjoying the first night of the holiday feeling; actually happily wallowing in the belief that for the next couple of weeks I only have to do things I want to do (which is a bit of a fantasy but I'm enjoying it anyway). As this includes finishing the book I'm currently reading so I can write it up before I go and finding a tape measure so I can obsess about luggage I suppose I should go and make a start on those particular chores...  

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