Sunday, April 8, 2012


After making a lot of fuss this week about the absolute necessity of a chocolate bunny for Easter (and turning up at his house with 3 bags of supplies for a 2 night stay) the Scottish one asked me if Easter had been a big thing in our house as children. It wasn't as big a deal as Christmas but we always celebrated it and looking back my memories of Easter lack the baggage and disappointment attached to Christmas. I like the chocolate and the hot cross buns, I like that it can be a reason to have a big family celebration but that it's also acceptable to spend the day watching old films and risking diabetic coma.

This year I drew the short straw working right up until close of play Saturday evening so there's been no time to bake (or as I had hoped make chocolates)  but today will still be filled with more than enough good things to eat, several hours of Lawrence of Arabia (not my choice), a good book, perhaps some pottering in the garden - all the things I enjoy really. - Possibly though the nicest news of the day is that the Puffins have returned to Sumburgh head in Shetland (the southern most tip) reports that they came bearing Easter eggs are doubtless inaccurate but the return of migratory species is always something to celebrate and what sort of person doesn't love a Puffin? (Picture lifted from Promote Shetland, I don't know if it's this vintages Puffins or who took it but hope they won't mind me using it to do my own bit of Shetland promoting.)


  1. So cute! Enjoy your well-deserved rest, Hayley.

  2. Adorable puffins! I used to have stuffed puffin toy when I was little and I will never forget how excited I was the first time I got to see them in the wild.

    Have a wonderful day!