Monday, September 5, 2011


On Mondays I generally finish at lunchtime which is nice, but this is after getting up at 6am to be at work in the first place which I don’t enjoy so much. It’s always a toss up between being a glass half empty, glass half full kind of a day. Today turned into a glass half full when I found this in the letterbox when I got home. It was utterly unexpected and even after a brief look it’s still something of an unknown quantity but it’s a long time since a book title has made me laugh like this (my mother was amused too, but the Scottish one was appalled). I don’t know quite when I’ll read this but I love Prospect books, a parcel from them has never failed to make my day and although I suspect this is a change of pace from the last book I got from them (the superlative ‘Cakes’ by Geraldine Holt) here is a picture of ‘Testicles: Balls in Cooking and Culture’ which I hope will raise both a smile and enough interest to encourage all and sundry to go and look at Prospect's website.


  1. Sad to say this book looks right up my street! Seriously, is it available and is it an eBook - would love to get hold of a copy, sad person that I am.
    Grace x

  2. Grace, it's available direct from Prospect or on amazon, I don't think it's available as an ebook. It looks very learned and a little bit tongue in cheek at the same time. I'm looking forward to learning more on the subject.

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