Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Look what I found

In an effort to beat ‘The Cold’ which is laying me low I’ve spent most of today in bed asleep – not even the energy to read, but what was left of the afternoon has been spent staring at old episodes of Marple and looking for entertainment online. Two things have cheered me up immensely the Daily Otter – otters bought to you every day. What could be better than an otter every day? I’m not so bothered about the pacific otters (crikey – jingoistic prejudices regarding foreign otters, whatever next) but basically this blog has unfailingly cheered me up since I discovered it a week or so ago. There’s a sliding otter I’m particularly taken with.

Cartoons of Old a blog I vaguely remember seeing before but clearly didn’t pay enough attention to so I’m very grateful for a timely reminder. I can’t currently get enough of Punch style cartoons and here’s an apt selection. The more I see the more fascinated I become, and that’s probably enough about my browsing habits for tonight...

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  1. Thanks for the mention in your blog about 'Cartoons of Old' and glad you enjoy them. I too spent many a happy day browsing through old leather bound volumes of 'Punch' in my grandfathers house, and never tire of them. Great humour as well as great art.

    Now more importantly, hope "The Cold" is disappearing fast and you're soon on the mend! Have a good New Year and look forward to following your excellent posts through 2011.