Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well at least one of us had a relaxing night

I’ve had visitors this week (and work) with the result that by Wednesday night I’m utterly exhausted and haven’t read anything. The visitors have (mostly) been great, and consisted of family (mine), dogs (belonging to family), friends, and small children of friends. See I bet you’re feeling tired just thinking about it...

The (mostly) refers to one of the dogs – pictured- Jamie is a handsome chap and I’m devoted to him, when/if he thinks he seems to quite like me too, but I wasn’t entirely expecting to share a bed with him and I’m quite determined it’s not going to happen again. My (one bedroom) flat is the perfect size for me, and as a nice polite sort of girl I take to the sofa for the night if I have house guests, (my poor, put upon little sister is the exception to this rule) consequently dad and stepmother got the bed, I got the dogs.

One dog curled up and went to sleep till nature called the next morning. Jamie chanced his arm by appropriating a chair, he knows this is forbidden so for the rest of the night he did about 20 minutes on the chair before getting off, clattering across the floor boards, having a good collar rattling shake, scratching (thoroughly) and then commencing to lick himself (very thoroughly) before coming to lick me, eye up my sleeping arrangements and assess how much more comfortable they might be to his, try and get on the sofa with me, give it up as a bad job and fall on the floor in a huffy thump, rest for 20 minutes and start all over again. All night. I can’t quite bring myself to hate him for this, and it’s not as terrifying as the time he hid himself under our bed one holiday emerging at 2am in a pitch black room unfamiliar to us all – it’s one way to wake up, but not recommended if you’re of a nervous disposition, or want to get back to sleep.


  1. I'm tired just reading this post. Do you have your place back to youself now? You definitely need to pamper yourself if so.
    Animals have a knack of making themselves at home wherever they go, don't they? and they make you feel so guilty if you question their right to the most comfie place.
    Cute dog though, but much better in his own home?

  2. Cute dog indeed, but much better in his own home (which is a rather handsome structure with a porch and slate roof that my father knocked up for him)