Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just because you're paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you...

Sitting here eating the last of my Easter egg stash for dinner after a particularly trying sort of a day, and doing my best to avoid eye contact with the washing up creeping out of the sink, I’m wondering (again) why life can’t have more in the way of wandering around London and rather less in the way of battling with delivery companies for my own post.

It’s quite possible if I leave it alone for another day the contents of the sink will have evolved to the point it could answer my question, but I want a cup of tea before bed and I think the tea pot’s probably in there so I’m going to have to go after it. Tea bags you say? Well yes ideally I would have a tea bag, but sadly the last one went a week ago and now all I have is a massive collection of leaf tea’s which mock me with my own aspirations.

Ah the come down after a visit to the capital. Yesterday I was swanning around Liberty's discovering things I’d never even imagined I might want, and now I’m not. Though I have just remembered that I forgot to buy those scrubby sponge things again, and washing up liquid. Again. Holiday over – oh but it was fun whilst it lasted and I have finally seen the bank of England.

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