Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home At Last

After a long three days being trained, and a longer three nights away I’m finally home. Training itself turned out to be pretty good, using trains turned out to be horrible – it took me an epic five hours to get home tonight. I’m not going to talk about trains as it will probably make me break down and cry at this point (I wonder what it’s like to be chauffer driven?). Nor am I going to talk about phones (much) mine broke down on the trip home so I am now back with my old reliable one. Wondering how well the conversation is going to go when I demand a replacement versus the repair O2 will try and fob me off with.

In short an annoying end to an otherwise productive day, meanwhile I’m half way through Maria Edgeworth’s ‘Belinda’, have come home to Kingsley Amis’ ‘Everyday Drinking’ which is both apt and amusing, and have suddenly realised that a postal book group book has not only not been posted on as it should have been, it’s not been finished either, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg (bookberg?). Really I don’t have time to work...

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