Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the other hand...

Having said I'm happy to be home I'm missing the peace and beauty of the Scottish countryside (and the aga)especially now the cold is a distant memory - so yes, it's holiday photo time... That's lots of pictures of snow coming in.

Pictures of snow covered trees. I took a lot of pictures of snow covered trees, in fact so many you'd think I'd never seen one before, but I'm trying to control myself with how many I post here.
And then there was the view from the sofa... this is the foot end, head end had a woodburning stove making it almost impossible to move off the darn thing so comfortable was it. I don't have a woodburning stove at home, or a view like this. Something clearly went wrong in the planning.

And the walk down the road once a kind farmer opened it up with his jcb
And the generally plush surroundingsReally a very good week enjoying the sort of winter weather I didn't think I would ever see again, continued police warnings to stay put really weren't at all hard to comply with!


  1. Snow is always so pretty to look at--especially in photos like this. Nicer than having to get about in it!! The photo of the person walking down the lane looks familiar--we've got at least as much snow and maybe more. What I see is not so pristine anymore with all the dirty traffic mucking it up!

  2. That sounds like an absolutely gorgeous holiday. Although I'm not sure I would have it in me to pack up and leave the warmth of an Aga behind.

  3. What beautiful pictures - you make me miss the countryside...

    Just to let you know I've tagged you in a meme! Have a go if you think it looks fun, and let me know if you do... enjoy!
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  4. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a lovely property too - with help on hand to deal with the snow up to a point i.e. you could take a walk outside. I'm glad you were well stocked with food and refreshment. Barbara

  5. It was grand Barbara, it's a huge house diveded into flats, our bit is the bottom left hand corner. That's our back door and the two windows either side but all upstairs is other people. Keep thinking it might be suitable for a dove meet some day...