Thursday, May 12, 2016

Book of the Day

There are a few books that I have stacked up to write about, really need to write about in fact as reviews are promised to other people, and today was going to be the day that I dealt with them. But then the weather was so nice, and it's not meant to last, and I went shooting instead. On Sunday I'll definitely deal with the book pile.

On my way to meet mum to go shooting I had time to nip into a couple of charity book shops - where I found 'The Virago Book of Victorian Ghost Stories' which I'm quite pleased with. I already have 'The Virago Book of Ghost Stories' which is a best of compilation of Victorian Ghost Stories and 2 further volumes of yet more ghost stories, so there's a bit of overlap, but also plenty of new to me things to look forward to.

My love of a good short story collection has been mentioned before, and I'm fairly keen on victoriana too so I really am pleased with this find. As an added bonus the book doesn't look like it's ever been opened - I hope I do rather better with it.

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