Thursday, April 26, 2012

Muriel Spark Week

Lazy blogging tonight (though if I should need a defence for that it's 9.30pm and I've only just limped home and am somewhat tired) but I thought I'd post up links to the Muriel Spark's I've read over the last couple of years just on the off chance anyone's interested... Either way here they are:
Loitering With Intent from December 2009
The Comforters from January 2010
Memento Mori from June 2010
Symposium from January 2011 - I should have read a Spark this New year -that was the beginning of a fine tradition that could have seen me through the next two decades if I'd kept it up.

These are all the Virago reissues and all come heartily recommended. It's also definitely time to re read 'A Far Cry From Kensington' which I came across pre blog and is the book responsible for my Sparkian infatuation.   


  1. Hayley
    I'm NOT going to read your reviews becasue I am new-Sparkian and I haven't read any of those that you list. I don't want to spoil the discovery as I dip my toe in each book. I may well return here after I read L, T,M & S.
    I'm really enjoying this Muriel Spark Reading Week.

    Also, love the photo over there >>> of two of my favourite flowers, hellebore & s-head fritts, especially the colours together. (Another favourite is orange ranunculus.)

  2. Hello Ruth, I hope you're enjoying Spark, I've only really discovered her in the last few years, but the more I read the more she interests me.

    Snakes head fritts are the most unlikely looking flowers aren't they - who would imagine a chequered flower? The hellebore is a new plant and the most incredible colour, I'm hoping it survives, something keeps eating the white one I planted a few years ago. I love ranunculus too though wish they were cheaper to buy as a cut flower. I've never tried growing them and maybe should - another delightfully unlikely looking flower.

  3. I read far cry it was my first spark I enjoy it loads ,all the best stu

  4. What a shame you missed out this January!

    We had three snake's head frits growing in our garden in Oxford - not as dramatic as the meadow full of them in Magdalen, but rather lovely nonetheless.

    1. Undoubtedly lovely. Thinking about it they're quite a Sparkian sort of flower - disconcerting to look at but nonetheless attractive for it. I wonder how she felt about them?