Sunday, September 27, 2020

Shetland, Phone Boxes, and Breathing Deeply

 If I still feel a bit weird about being away - it's partly because I was lucky to be a couple of days ahead of the tightening of restrictions in Scotland, so I'm both extremely grateful to be here and feeling a little bit guilty about it - I'm loving the relative freedom. It feels amazing to just be able to walk, and god knows I need the exercise. 

Meanwhile I've finally seen the finished Phone Box, which looks good, and we're trying to see if we can rescue it's sister which stands about 3 miles away. I don't think the Vadlure phone box has quite the same exciting history as the Lera Voe box does - although who knows what research will throw up, but it does (and this is saying something) have a far more spectacular view. The first step is to contact BT and see if they will allow us to adopt the box.

I also had luck when it came to a second hand book find, and got something interesting from The Shetland Times Bookshop. The Shetland Times was one of my favourite places as a kid, and is still a pretty fine bookshop. It's small but well stocked, and they have some proper bargains. There's book bundles of slightly damaged stock for sale at the moment - £5.99 and some really interesting looking stuff to be had. It's not something I've seen done before but it's a great idea.

All in all it's exactly the change of scene I needed, so here's a few pictures to share.

The Vadlure phonebox, in need of a bit of love, view not included in this photo.

The island on the horizon is Foula, scene of the Oceanic dives from 'Treasure Islands.


  1. You must be so proud of your dad with all he has accomplished with the phone box. There ought to be a plaque inside or outside telling of the achievment.
    Best of luck for the proposed second project.