Thursday, September 29, 2016

Life In Shetland - Tom Kidd

This is the book I was so pleased to find in a Harrogate branch of Oxfam. Tom Kidd's photographs date from the mid to late 1970's, the time when the oil industry was really beginning to make an impact in Shetland. It's also the Shetland, or at least one view of it, that I knew as a very young child (bits of it anyway).

The book itself is long out of print, and when I've seen copies on line they've been prohibitively expensive, but this one came in at around a tenner which I was happy to pay. All the pictures and more are available on Kidd's website but there's something about having the book...

It's a remarkable document of a point in the islands history - it's something to be grateful for that someone was on hand with the specific intention of documenting it - which makes it a welcome addition to my small Shetland bookshelf (it also means I'll no longer be tempted to pinch my fathers copy).

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