Sunday, June 26, 2016

Back to Leicester

I'm back from Shetland, and to be honest not entirely happy about it. It's wet and cold in Leicester, the news seems to be uniformly grim at the moment, and I've come home to a moth invasion (the damn things are everywhere) which bodes ill for the yarn stash I've bought back. That and after all the joys of delayed flights and a long day I have work at 8am tomorrow.

On the plus side (and this is a big one) my father is a lot better. I do have a considerable wool stash to play with, and some excellent books on textiles and knitting to go with them. Bob the sourdough starter survived my absence and is now once more fed and happy, and none of the plants have died either. Being back will be a lot better when I've caught up with a few friends and caught up with myself - but the view from my flat does not compare to this...  


  1. Pantry or cloth moths? Put the wool away in a air tight bag with lavender in it. Pantry moths are annoying and make a mess out of pasta, flour, lentils, beans, etc. but don't, I think, go for fabric. Always put anything woolen away totally clean. Use Eucalan (Canadian) or a similar mild wool wash.

  2. Cloth moths I fear. It's apparently been ideal conditions for them this year so there's a boom in them. Drive me nuts with the damage they do.

  3. I know, but at least Shetland is in your mind's eye, and you get to go there and enjoy it in depth...

    1. You should definitely visit, Diana. It's a unique place!

  4. Hello Hayley! Sorry you're father's been ill, but I am glad he's getting better. Also sorry about the moths. Apparently putting things in plastic bags and then freezing them for 25 hours helps - it worked for me.

    It's a bit late to say it but I really enjoyed your post of Victorian and Edwardian photos. Did you find out any more about your lady?

  5. I didn't find anything more this time, but at least have a record of pictures of likely looking suspects. I know that somewhere in the barn/shed there are old tin document boxes with letters and press cuttings of anything and everything related to family in roughly that era - mostly of the dull 'amongst the guests at the wedding' variety, but armed with a family tree they could be useful. Unfortunately we're not sure exactly where they are and dads knee wasn't up to the search. Next time.