Thursday, July 30, 2015

Knitting update

Most of my week so far has been spent knitting and reading Jilly Cooper's 'Jump' - well the little bit of week left when I'm not at work. 'Jump' is a mixed bag - not terribly good (nowhere near as good as  I remember 'Riders' or 'Polo' being) but somehow difficult to put down. The knitting is more of a success. I've been happily experimenting with the open work pattern Old Shale - it's a perfect starting point because it's probably the simplest pattern in the book and has been great for building confidence.

This is a short round scarf, for days when a serious scarf is to warm but no scarf isn't warm enough. So a day like today basically (it's not so much the cold of this summer that's getting me down, but the constantly grey sky). This one is destined to be a present, another one will be forthcoming, but I think I need to summon the courage to try a slightly more complicated pattern.

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