Friday, June 26, 2015


If it's seemed quite around here for the last week or so it's because I've been on holiday (I still am), making the annual trip back to my homeland of Shetland. It's good to be back, even in what is apparently the coldest summer since 1947. (Coats and gloves on to eat ice cream, and no swimming in the sea - so far).

I packed a lovely collection of well chosen books but have failed to open any of them, which I felt bad about for the first few days, but now I'm beginning to think a holiday from reading might not be such a terrible thing. Unread books aren't something I should be fretting over and I can't deny that some more outdoorsy type activities are doing me good. I went swimming in the sea today. It was very, very, cold. But good.

Meanwhile I've obviously been acquiring books, and wool, lots and lots of wool - mostly in the form of yarn but also as delightful knitted products too. I don't know how many pairs of gloves a person should look to buy on their summer holidays but so far I've bought 3.

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  1. Love those tea cosies! Enjoy your holiday, hope the weather improves.